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COVID-19 Sport and leisure centres – online booking now open

Booking a fitness session online

From today, to attend a gym session or fitness class you have to book and pay in advance for each activity. The price for each session is £3 and £2 for BLC holders.

The online booking system is now OPEN.

If you are ready to return to regular fitness sessions, the online booking system is now live for The Leisure Centre at KeighleySedbergh Sports and Leisure Centre and Thornton Recreation Centre. These facilities reopen on Saturday 25 July 2020. The system will allow bookings from Saturday and works on a seven day rolling timetable from today’s date.

Please select your chosen sport and leisure facility to find out more information and book fitness sessions.

The Leisure Centre at Keighley,

Sedbergh Sports and Leisure Centre

Thornton Recreation Centre

Information you will need to know before visiting sport and leisure facilities from 25 July 2020.

We are looking forward to welcoming all our users back to the fitness facilities, but a number of significant changes have had to be made to ensure your safety and that we operate within government COVID-19 guidelines.

Outlined here are answers to questions you may have about the reopening of sport and leisure centres. The current COVID-19 situation is a constantly changing environment and some of this information may change as the guidance is updated. We will always inform you of any changes to measures that have been put in place.

When will sport and leisure centres reopen?

A phased reopening will commence from 25 July 2020. The first centres to reopen will be at Keighley, Sedburgh and Thornton with others reopening over the following two weeks.

Are all facilities available to use?

Initially there will only be gym sessions and fitness classes available to use. Pools will not be reopening until staff have been able to access the facilities and completed their training.

What procedures have you put in place for my safety?

The sport and leisure centres have cleaning measures in place to provide a safe environment to exercise including a deep clean each day before opening and cleaning between sessions. There will also be hand sanitiser available in multiple locations within the gym, fitness studios and communal areas. To facilitate social distancing, fitness class sizes and gym capacity has been reduced. To begin with changing rooms including shower facilities will be closed – you will have to arrive ready to exercise, water fountains will not be available – bring your own bottle of water and if possible bring your own exercise mat with you. When you book a gym session or fitness class you will receive a confirmation email containing the procedures in place at your chosen leisure centre. We ask that you adhere to these.

Do I have to wear a face covering?

Face coverings are not compulsory at the moment but we advise wearing one when entering and exiting the building. We will advise if the guidance on face coverings changes.

Can I arrive at anytime to my chosen sport and leisure centre?

No, all activities need to be booked and paid for online in advance via the online booking system. The price for each session is £3 and £2 for BLC holders. The system works on a seven day rolling timetable so you will only be able to book a session up to one week in advance. Anyone who arrives without booking and paying for an activity will not be able to enter the sport and leisure centre. All users are asked to register for an online account via the online booking system which will be live from 16.00 today, Tuesday 21 July 2020. Each booking you make is for yourself only; you cannot make a booking for others using your account.

Are there any restrictions on how often I can attend the gym sessions or fitness classes?

To give as many people as possible the opportunity to exercise, a limit is in place on the number of sessions and individual can book. To begin with an individual can book a maximum of one session per day (gym or fitness class) and no more than four sessions in one week. This limit will be reviewed within the first two weeks of opening.

I am a Club Active member, will direct debit payments be taken from my bank account now sport and leisure centres are reopening?

All Club Active memberships will remain frozen and you will not be charged for your membership until further notice. You will receive at least two weeks notice before payments will start again. If you want to return to the gym or fitness classes you will need to book and pay online for the session you want to attend. The price for each session is £3 and £2 for BLC holders.

Annual Club Active members who have paid for a full year membership in advance will have any unused months, caused by the pandemic, added to their membership. The end date of the membership will be amended to acknowledge this.

Junior memberships will remain frozen and we will not be offering junior sessions or courses to begin with. Any courses that were part way through when we were instructed to lockdown will re-start once government guidance allows us to and we will inform all customers when these become available.

Are you using my details for track and trace?

Our booking system will allow us to manage attendance and the details of anyone attending a gym session or fitness class. Details will be retained for a minimum of three weeks and may be shared if track and trace becomes necessary. A condition of booking is that users details can be passed to the relevant authorities if the need arises.

For more information regarding the reopening of sport and leisure centres please visit the service update page on the Bradford Council website.

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