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Rainbow school Re opening for Yrs 1 & 6 from 15th June 2020, parents / carers please get in touch with the school


Rainbow Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare, both physical and emotional, of every pupil both inside and outside of the school premises.

Rainbow Primary School implements a whole-school preventative approach to managing safeguarding concerns, ensuring that the wellbeing of pupils is at the forefront of all action taken. We expect all staff, Trust, volunteers and visitors to share this commitment and maintain a safe environment.

Safeguarding Policy

Phased re-opening of school for YEARS 1 and 6 from Monday 15th June 2020

Tuesday 9th June 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

I hope that you are keeping safe and well. I am delighted to inform you that the Rainbow School Trust met on Friday 5th June and has approved our risk assessments and plans in preparation for a phased re-opening of school. This letter summarises the actions we have taken and the measures which have been put in place for your child to return to school safely this half term.

During the past four weeks the School has completed large-scale risk assessments and followed step-by-step guidance to ensure that all possible measures have been taken to ensure the safety of our pupils and staff as we look to wider opening of the school. Up to date copies of the Risk assessments and other relevant documentation can be requested from Rainbow school website.

To ensure that our pupils and staff are able to socially distance, group sizes will be limited – averaging 7 pupils in each classroom. Pupils will be allocated to a Bubble – the name of each bubble, where it is located and how best to access it will be communicated to parents over the phone. The pupils within each ‘bubble’ will not mix with other children .

From 15th June , the School will open for Yrs1 and 6 for four days of the week ONLY Monday – Thursday .

(This will be subject to change if pupils from other year groups are invited back from 1st July 2020, school opening arrangements for children of KEY WORKERS and VULNERABLE CHILDREN will remain the same).

Start and finish times will be staggered for different groups of pupils.

(Parents /Carers will be informed of these arrangements).

Breaktimes and lunchtimes have been timetabled separately and lunch will be eaten within classroom bubbles.

Each child will have their own set of equipment which they will not be allowed to share.

As pupils in Year 1 are entitled to universal free school meals, they will be provided packed lunches everyday. Other children are expected to bring their own packed lunches or will be able to purchase one from school.

Coats and lunchboxes will be kept under their own tables.

Each bubble will have a designated set of toilets, which will be thoroughly cleaned every day. Pupils will be expected to SANITISE / WASH / SANITISE hands for each visit to the toliets.

Children and staff will be expected to sanitise their hands as they enter and leave the school building, regular hand washing and use of hand sanitiser will be implemented through out the school day.

Children and staff will be expected to disinfect their shoes on a disinfecting mat before entring the school building each time.

Pupils will not be expected to wear school uniform but will be expected to come to school in clean clothes each day.

There will be NO Breakfast or After school clubs.

Please note in order to minimise cross contamination we will need your full co-operation in observing social distancing guidelines while you are on school grounds.

Socially distanced markings on the school play ground and posters around the school building have been put in place for your safety and guidance.

Following staggered start and finish times will be used to reduce the number of children and parents /carers in the playgrounds at any one time:

Staff will not be expected to wear PPE during the school day other than for specific reasons:

May I take this opportunity to remind all Years 1 & Years 6 parents that the decision to send your children to school ultimately rests with yourselves. There are NO penalties or FINES if you choose to keep your children away from school. New home work packs for children to continue working from home and weekly teacher phone calls / emails will re in place for the rest of this term.

The School will however need prior notification from Years 1 & Years 6 parents when they choose to send their children to school. Class room staff will be contacting you this week to confirm your decisions.

Please be assured that we have tried our best to ensure that our school is as safe as it can be at this time. To help us achieve this, we have attached ‘COVID19 Home School Agreement’ for your attention.

If you would like further information please look at the documents on our school website or contact the school office via email

Thank you for your continued support.

Kind regards,

Arshad Javed


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Welcome to
Rainbow Primary School

On behalf of the staff, trust, children and parents I would like to warmly welcome you to Rainbow Primary School, where we have embarked on an exciting journey to provide a truly holistic education, for our diverse range of pupils. Our pupils are at the heart of everything that we do and our aim is to help them to develop into unique, creative and confident individuals, equipped to succeed in the 21st century.

We are passionate about children’s learning, and dedicated to securing their wellbeing, safety and promoting their personal development. We celebrate the diversity of our local community and believe partnerships between home and school are central to our success.

We are extremely proud of our school and our achievements.

If you would like to visit us, please contact the school office.

Arshad Javed
Chief Executive Officer

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