Results of Questionnaires

Questionnaires for 2015/16 underway January 2017


Thank you to all our parents who took the time to complete the parental questionnaire in December 2014.

40 questionnaires were returned.  Summary results are as follows:

100%     – felt their child feels safe at school

98%        – their child is making good progress

100%     –  the school meets their child’s needs

95%        –  the school ensures their child is well looked after

93%        –  children are taught well at school

95%        –  the school helps their child in developing their skills in communication, reading, writing & maths

93%        –  there is a good standard of behaviour at school

90%        –  lessons are not disrupted by bad behaviour

100%     –   the school helps support parents in supporting their children

98%        –   bullying is dealt with effectively

93%        –   the school is well lead

95%        –   the school responds well to parental concerns

98%        –   the school keeps parents well informed

We feel this is a very positive response and we will continue to seek your feedback to enable us to improve further.

Many thanks

Rainbow Primary Trust