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Rainbow Schools

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Our open days will be on Monday 9th Dec and Monday 9th Jan. Come along to see the school, talk to parents and staff.

Rainbow Schools

Latest News

What is a Free School?
Find out more about Free schools at the Department of Education.

Posted on 30/10/2010

Free Schools Resource Group
Information sharing and assistance for people interested in establishing a new school in England under the Free Schools initiative.

Posted on 1/11/2010

Register with Rainbow Schools
Visit our 'Register' page to register your interest today.

Posted on 2/11/2010

New Schools Network
The Network aims to improve the quality of education - particularly for the most deprived - by increasing the number of independent, innovative schools within the state sector.

Posted on 2/11/2010

Department for Education
Free Schools are all-ability state-funded schools set up in response to parental demand.

Posted on 2/11/2010

Opened September 2011
Rainbow Schools opened in September 2011. Register your child for Reception/Year 1 & 2 now! Please visit the admissions page for more information.

Posted on 28/11/2011