The internet is a brilliant place for learning, speaking to friends and family, and playing games. However, it is very important to understand how to use it safely and how to deal with any problems you may come across. Staying safe when using the internet and other new technologies is known as E-Safety.

If you or your child have any concerns regarding E-safety at home, please visit the CEOP website for further information or to make a report. You can click on the CEOP shortcut button below:


E-Safety is not just about computers but also refers to other new technologies you can use to communicate with other people, such as mobile phones, iPads, iPods, and games consoles like XBOX 360s and PS4s.

Here is a helpful video about online dangers:

Following these rules will help you to stay safe when you use the internet:

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4 Top Tips to help you stay safe online:


There are also some excellent websites which are full of useful information about staying safe on the internet.

Click on the links below to find out more about staying safe using the internet and other new technologies:




Click below to check if you know how to be a safe Internet user

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