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July 19, 2017

Spelling Competition

We are proud to announce we had our first Super Speller Competition this year at Rainbow. Well done to all the children who worked hard all year to learn their weekly spellings. We had three rounds in the competition and finally arrived at one overall winner from each year group. The winners won a trophy, prize and certificate. We now have a big trophy in school which will be updated with the winners’ names annually. Do YOU have what it takes to be a Super Speller next year? 


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July 18, 2017

Art Spectacular Day

It was finally our turn for the ‘Art Spectacular Day’ in school. We loved working with Jayne Cooper, painting a clouds scene. We used lots of bright colours and we produced some amazing pieces of work (our teachers told us so!) They were so impressed! We really did have a spectacular time!


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Nell Bank

Year 3 went on an exciting trip to Nell Bank. We took part in lots of different activities including pond dipping, minibeast hunting, habitat trail and a woodland walk. Just before leaving, we were allowed in the adventure playground where we had the best time ever (some of us trying to catch Miss Iqbal!)


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Bradford cathedral

Year 3 visited Bradford Cathedral as part of our topic in RE. We enjoyed the tour around the wonderful cathedral, and loved listening to the Easter story. We also got a chance to make mosaics to represent the cross using shiny paper. We had a fabulous time even though we all got very sticky!


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April 6, 2017

Easter Chocolate Nests

In Year 3 we made some yummy Easter chocolate nests. We used lots of different ingredients  to make them, including Shredded Wheat, chocolate and mini eggs. We had lots of fun working together to make these scrumptious chocolate nests and we were allowed to take two home (because our teachers spoil us!) 


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Ancient Egypt

In Art and History we have been learning about Ancient Egypt. We looked at pictures of pyramid scenes at different times of the day. We loved how the pyramids looked especially at night so we focused on the night scene. We discussed the shades and colours of the sunset and its effect on the pyramids, animals and trees. Then we were given the chance to create a night scene painting. We had a fantastic afternoon and blew the teachers away with our amazing artistic skills


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The Golden Death Mask of Tutankhamun

We made Tutankhamun’s death mask! The fabulous King Tut mask was a death mask! We had an amazing time painting the mask with water paints. Did you know his famous burial mask is on public display in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo (in the only air-conditioned room in the building!). 


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March 7, 2017

Road Safety

In Year 3, we have been learning all about road safety. We took part in training that helped us learn how to be more careful and safer when crossing roads. We learnt that we always need adult supervision when crossing roads and that it is important to check the road is safe and clear before crossing. We were split into two groups, so when one group was outside learning all about road safety, the other half stayed indoors and completed a booklet on road safety. We learnt that to be safer on the roads, especially at night, we should wear bright clothes and also learnt about the different types of dangers we need to look out for.


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National Media Museum

Just before the half term break, Gandhi class visited the National Media Museum. For some of us, it was the first time going there so we were super excited! We attended three different workshops which will link to our topic lessons ‘light and shadows’. We learnt lots of cool facts about the different kinds of animation and made our own thaumatropes! We also learnt how light is reflected from surfaces and how shadows are formed when the light is blocked by a solid object. We had an amazing time and hope to go back again in the Summer! â€‹


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World Book Day

World Book Day was so much fun! We got to dress up as our favourite characters from our favouri

te books and some of us realised we have the same favourite characters (Elsa from frozen!) We took part in lots of different activities throughout the day, which included, learning and performing a chosen poem as a class and designing our own made up chocolate or sweets – some of us designed chocolates that would last forever and some that would make us invisible. Miss Iqbal even let us listen to some Disney songs! What a fabulous day!


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