Y1 D.Beckham

July 19, 2017

Spelling Competition

We are proud to announce we had our first Super Speller Competition this year at Rainbow. Well done to all the children who worked hard all year to learn their weekly spellings. We had three rounds in the competition and finally arrived at one overall winner from each year group. The winners won a trophy, prize and certificate. We now have a big trophy in school which will be updated with the winners’ names annually. Do YOU have what it takes to be a Super Speller next year? 


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January 25, 2017

Good Friends

As part of our R.E and PSHCE work this half term, we have been learning how to be a good friend. During one activity, we sat and listened to our peers and thought about what characteristics make a good friend. We orally held a sentence opener “I think that _______ is a good friend because _________”and then passed that friend the ball of string. Our friend then held a piece of string and passed the ball onto the next ‘good friend’ to make a giant class spider web of good friend qualities.


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December 15, 2016

Children in Need

The school council at Rainbow Primary School raised money for Children in Need by making and selling cakes and buns. They managed to raise a total of £42.10!! A huge well done to them for all their efforts and hard work to help those who less fortunate than others.


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November 15, 2016

Our Bodies

This half term, we have been learning all about ‘Our Bodies’. We are learning to find, name and label lots of different body parts, thinking about why we have them and how they help us. We also went out into the playground and drew around our partner’s body using chalk. Next, we then labelled the different body parts and used our Fred Fingers to sound out any tricky body parts.