July 21, 2017

Leavers Assembly

It was an emotional Leavers Assembly this morning where the children took time to reflect on their time at Rainbow and say their individual thank yous. The children have grown so much during their time here and have each been a credit to our school. We wish them well in the future. Here is the poem that was inside their cards:


This time has been so special,

We’ve watched you learn and grow,

But now the time has come for you,

To spread your wings and go.


So hold your head up proudly,

We know that you’ll go far.

Just be that special person,

That we all know you are.


Y6 Production

Thank you to everyone who helped and supported our year 6 production of Aladdin Trouble, it was great to see so many parents and carers. The children made me so proud with their incredible singing and acting skills, perhaps we will be seeing some of them on larger stages in the future. A special thank you to Miss Amreen for making our gorgeous Aladdin lamp and Miss Alia for the awesome scenery. Sadly most of the photographs haven’t come out due to the reduced lighting.


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Kingswood residential

Year 6 enjoyed a fabulous residential to Kingswood. We packed so many activities into just 3 days: archery, zip wire, 3G swing, Lazer tag, bouldering, problem solving and everyone’s favourite – raft building. We were blessed by incredible weather and I was so proud of all the children who pushed themselves out of their comfort zone and tried something that was a little bit scary (and a lot of fun too).​


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The Great Rainbow Bake Off

This week year 6 have had ‘The Great Rainbow Bake Off’. We have learned a lot of new skills – including how to break and egg and how to wash up! Some excellent cakes and buns have been created, it was almost impossible to pick a winner.


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Animation Project

This week year 6 have been​ completing a stop motion animation project. We have used i can animate on the computers to animate some of reception’s favourite toys and have created our own ‘morph’ style plastercine characters to animate using the tablets.


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July 20, 2017


This week year ​6 have been developing their business skills, learning about profit and loss and the effectiveness of advertising. We worked in small business teams making popcorn, iced biscuits, chocolate biscuits, pencils toppers, bracelets and stress balls. We have raised over £100 for charity. Well done Year 6 and thank you to everyone who supported our fundraising effort.


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July 19, 2017

Minibeast Hunt


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Tropical World

Children in Reception Class visited Tropical World to find out about caterpillars, butterflies and lots of other animals.

We learnt about how caterpillars make a cocoon before turning into beautiful butterflies.

We learnt about tropical birds and how they are camouflaged in the tropical trees.

We learnt about snakes and spiders and how they shed their skins.

In the aquariums, there were so many different types of fish that we couldn’t count them all!

After looking around Tropical World we had lunch in the bandstand and then went for a long walk in Roundhay Park.  There were lots of beautiful flowers and interesting trees.

It was a great day out!


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Spelling Competition

We are proud to announce we had our first Super Speller Competition this year at Rainbow. Well done to all the children who worked hard all year to learn their weekly spellings. We had three rounds in the competition and finally arrived at one overall winner from each year group. The winners won a trophy, prize and certificate. We now have a big trophy in school which will be updated with the winners’ names annually. Do YOU have what it takes to be a Super Speller next year? 


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July 18, 2017

Author Visit

At Rainbow, we had a special visit from the author Jason Beresford. He performed the first chapter of his book ‘The Fabulous Four Fish Fingers’ and it was full of action, drama and of course lots of humour!


William Shakespeare class also had the opportunity to take part in a workshop led by Jason. They created their own superheros and also acted them out in the hall!


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